New PDF release: 1-Dimensional Cohen-Macaulay Rings

By Eben Matlis

ISBN-10: 0387063277

ISBN-13: 9780387063270

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EXAMPLE 2. 11 consists of the three symbols 0, , and L. Two binary operations (>) and (<) are defined on M by the following "multiplication" tables. To read the first table, for example, a > b is found in the table in the row opposite a and in the column below b, where a and b may be any of the three symbols in AT. Thus > 0 = O, and L < O = O. A O O O D El O C O O o 11 0 0 Among the familiar binary operations, many satisfy certain simple identities, or laws, familiar from elementary algebra as well as from Chapter 1.

A) Grass is yellow. (b) Beautiful white roses. (e) Is the number 5 a prime? (d) All mathematics is difficult, and some mathematics is impossible. (e) If dogs can bark, then no home guarded by a dog needs to fear intruders. (f) Give me the book. 2. " Write out, in reasonable English, the propositions represented by (a) pq (d) (p + q)' (b) p + q (e) p'+ q' (c) (pq)' (f) pq' + p'q TRUTH TABLES 3-3] 47 3. " Translate into symbols each of the following propositions. (a) Either x is an even number, or x is a product of two integers.

Or ... " Consider, for example: this creature is either a dog or an animal; the baby is either a boy or a girl. The first of these is called inclusive disjunction, and allows the possibility that both may be the case. This is the sense in which we will use disjunction throughout this text. The second proposition reflects the usage "either ... or .... " When we intend this interpretation, the phrase but not both will always be added. " The words or both are usually omitted, and the word either may be omitted in cases where no ambiguity results.

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