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By Orson Scott Card

ISBN-10: 0765312824

ISBN-13: 9780765312822

Orson Scott Card deals a Christmas reward to his thousands of lovers with this brief novel set in the course of Ender's first years on the conflict college the place it truly is forbidden to have a good time non secular vacation trips.  The kids come from many countries, many faiths; whereas they're being proficient for battle, non secular clash among them isn't really at the curriculum. yet Dink Meeker, one of many older scholars, doesn't see it that approach. He thinks that giving presents isn't precisely a non secular commentary, and on Sinterklaas Day he tucks a gift into one other student's shoe.

This small act of uprising units off a conflict royal among the scholars and the employees, yet a few magnificent alliances shape while Ender comes up opposed to a brand new scholar, Zeck Morgan. The struggle over Santa Claus will strength each person to select.

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