ABCs of Atari computers by David E Mentley PDF

By David E Mentley

ISBN-10: 0835900134

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The flags contain values of 1 or 0 when certain conditions are met. There are seven flags, and the rightmost one, bit 0, is the CARRY FLAG. I Z C N = Negative V = Overflow * = Unused B = Break Command D = Decimal Mode I = Interrupt Disable Z = Zero C = Carry The CARRY FLAG is set (the value is one) when the ACCUMULATOR has a value greater than eight bits can hold (greater than 255). Two branches can be made when the CARRY FLAG changes: BCC and BCS. BCC is a Branch on Carry Clear which will branch to another part of memory when the CARRY FLAG is O.

The difference between the ending address and the starting address is the length of the file in bytes. At the end of the file the RUN address is loaded into the RUNAD vector at locations 736 and 737 ($2EO and $2E1). This passes control of the system through this vector to the starting address of the binary file. If an IN IT address is loaded into locations 738 and 739 ($2E2 and $2E3), then this program will begin executing immediately as the data is loaded into that memory. This might be used for music or an introduction during loading.

Nother more practical use is to read the joystick. The STICK command returns a value which depends upon the position of the joystick when the command is executed. 39 BOOT DISK FORMAT You can use Boolean logic to read the STICK and to increment or decrement some other value accordingly. 10 A = STICK(0) 20 B = B + [[A=6)+[A=7)+[A=5))-[[A=10)+[A=11 )+[A=9)) 30 C = C + [[A=10)+[A=14)+[A=6))-[[A=9)+[A=13)+[A=5)) Moving the stick down and right will give a value of 5 to A. In this case the values of B and C will be: B=B+(0+0+1)-(0+0+0)=B+1 C=C+(0+0+0)-(0+0+1)=C-1 In this case, B is left and right, and C is up and down.

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