Doug McCune, Deepa Subramaniam's Adobe Flex 3.0 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer Tech)) PDF

By Doug McCune, Deepa Subramaniam

ISBN-10: 0470277920

ISBN-13: 9780470277928

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When the Button is clicked, it dispatches a new event to announce that it was clicked. The Button is responsible only for making that announcement and doesn’t care which other parts of your application, if any, are listening for the announcement. Dispatching events is one-half of the event model. But because the components that dispatch events don’t know anything about what’s supposed to happen when these events occur, in order to make something happen, you need to have event listeners that listen for these events.

Flex versus Silverlight Microsoft’s competitive RIA technology is Silverlight, a browser plug-in, like Adobe’s Flash Player. Just like you have to install the Flash Player plug-in to run Flex applications, you need the Silverlight plug-in to run Silverlight applications. Because Silverlight is fairly new, the Silverlight plug-in isn’t nearly as common as Flash Player. Silverlight will likely become more widely used in the future, but right now, the Flash Player plug-in has a strong advantage because of the large number of computers on which it is installed.

A class is the definition of an object. An object is one particular instance of a class. as file extension). To illustrate the concept of a class, think about an employee within an organization. An Employee class might contain the following properties: ߜ firstName ߜ lastName ߜ socialSecurityNumber ߜ salary And, an Employee might have the following actions (methods) that it can perform: ߜ doTask ߜ takeBreak ߜ submitTimesheet ߜ complainAboutBoss 31 32 Par t I: Introducing Flex The preceding lists include four properties and four methods of the Employee class.

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