American PT Boats in World War II - download pdf or read online

By Victor Chun

ISBN-10: 0764302566

ISBN-13: 9780764302565

An illustrated learn of the advance, building, strategies wrestle activities of PT boats, many drawings, diagrams, plans, profiles pictures.

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The skipper rhen slowly advances rhe rhree rhrorrle knobs wirh rhe heel ofhis palm. The engine-relegraph slor jLlsr ahead ofeach rhrorrle changes fromnell1ral ro ahead which signals rhe engine 1'0011/10 shifr gears. The needle on rhe RPM dial creeps higher as rhe PT boar swings owfroll/rhe dock iuro rhe bay. The speed ofrhe boar can uow be adjusred by moving rhe rhrorr/e knobs. The seamanship of rhe skipper is derermined by how he manipulares rhe rhrorrle and rhe sreering wheel. 50 caliber machine gun rurrer.

11 'If«rf'JUI TIfr'. ~ ~. AA1Cl'O -_ ~NcRoo'" FlIClouMo Drawing ofcompartmentation of £Ico 80footel: Forepeak showillg sea anchol: Courtesy Robert Ferrell. 5" Rocketlallllcher alld 37ml1l gllll are mOllllted at the bow ofa Higgills boat. The laller were the sallIe type ofgUll used in the Bell Airacobra (P-39) aircraft. Courtesy PT Boat Museum. Close-lip view of 37 111m shells used on board late model PT boats. ) and the pointed projector denotes high explosive (HE). Both could be filled with tracer for observatioll offire.

Courtesy of the Bureau of Ships. r::.. HOCI( sC~EEN (;£N. , TORPEDo aox f] ENGIME ROOM f:ATCH MOLIn red arrhe cenrer of rhe bow is rhe 37 mm gun on a Mark I MOLlIJ1 wirh rwo boxes ofammunirion behind ir. Funher back is rhe 20 mm gun wirh irs dnlmmagazines on lOp of rheir slOrage box. Borh guns are especially effecrive in dealing wirh rhe enemy supply barges. The harch ro forepeak is locared on rhe deck jusr in fronr ofrhe 37 mm gun. Ar borh sides ofrhe charr-hoLlse are Mark 50 laLlnchers, each wirh eighr rockerlallnching rubes L1sed mosrly for shore bombardmelJ1.

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